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About the gang

Powerful musics for the soul

In the heart of the city, thenewschoolrappers and hustlers converged, their powerful music reverberating through the streets. Beats throbbed like the pulse of ambition, lyrics painted vivid tales of urban resilience. The city’s soul awakened to their rhythm, inspiring dreams and sparking determination. In their music, they found the power to rise above, uniting a generation with a symphony of hope. Through their artistry, they forged a path to greatness.

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We are always vibing to the tone

Beneath the bright city lights, a mix of folks came together, grooving to the vibe that thenewschoolrappers and hustlers dished out. Their music had this magnetic pull, attracting people from every corner. Whether on the dance floor or chilling by the roadside, everyone moved as one to the rhythm, connecting through shared beats and rhymes. In the midst of the music, differences faded away, and a strong sense of togetherness emerged, showing that their art spoke a language understood by all.

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TheNewSchoolRapersAndHustlers' subtle authenticity is a breath of fresh air in the world of rap and hustle.
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Blessing George
Their Instagram page is a hidden gem, where trustworthiness and genuine connection shine brightly through every post.
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Hannah Ifeanyi

Questions you might want to ask

Answer: We are a group of emerging artists who bring a fresh perspective to the rap scene while embracing the hustle and grind of pursuing our dreams.

Answer: We draw inspiration from our real-life experiences and the challenges we’ve faced. Our music reflects the raw and authentic stories of our journey.

Answer: Our influences range from classic hip-hop legends to contemporary artists who push the boundaries of the genre. We believe in blending the old with the new to create something unique.

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